When it comes to broodmare care, every horse is treated as an individual at Middlebrook Valley Lodge. We offer a large variety of paddock sizes and place horses according to their temperament and requirements.

Farm Manager Verna Metcalfe in conjunction with Jenna Cochrane and the wider MVL team have built an enviable reputation courtesy of their ability to achieve farm conception rates well above industry averages.

Middlebrook Valley Lodge’s location ensures access to some of the country’s finest veterinary services and 24 hour critical care facilities are less than 10 minutes away should they be required. Scone Equine Veterinarian David O’Meara performs all reproductive work daily and gets to know each mare on an individual basis.

We are located within an easy distance of all major Hunter Valley thoroughbred studs, which enables walk ons to these stallions farms highly accessible with minimal stress to your mare.